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A girl who works as a cryptid monster hunter using the machine gun her grandmother left her. Cryptids share their roots with dragons and other monsters, and she hunts them all on sight. She chose this profession after a lycanthrope wiped out her entire family.

Number 161 Name Grimdore
Rarity ***** Weapon Bow Element Fire
Initial HP 1350 Initial AT 1250 Initial RE 1100
Maximum HP ??? Maximum AT ??? Maximum RE ???
Maximum Lv 50 Maximum Exp ???
Party Skill Soul Support: +3 Souls at start of quest.
Active Skill Astral II(Souls: 3): Cuts current enemy HP by about 30%. (Boss:N)
Evolution From
Evolution After Revenge Queen Grimdore
Evolution Cost
Red Hood of Hate: A red hood inherited from her late grandma. +300 HP & ATK, -300 REC, Notable boost vs. Water enemies. Cost: 50,000 Gold